Small Boutiques vs Full Firms

When our founders decided to start Thorton, we knew that we wanted to be a small boutique firm that offered our clients the best services possible. For us, that meant starting a smaller firm and focusing solely on litigation.  

In large metropolitan areas, there are big law firms that offer a variety of services and that have attorneys in several cities across the U.S. Those can be useful law firms in taking on a big and high-profile clients, but that’s not what we are about at Thorton. We chose to stay smaller because of what it could do for our clients.  

Smaller boutiques tend to have more contact with clients and work with them directly. At our firm, clients aren’t being passed from attorney to attorney, rather working with one or two from the beginning to the end. This ensure their satisfaction and that all the client’s needs are met.  

Another benefit of smaller boutiques is that the environment is intimate and friendly. Our clients get to set the tone rather than some fancy law office in a city scraper.  

Smaller boutiques are also a good learning ground for new lawyers to learn from experience attorneys and get as much experience as possible.  

For us, smaller is better!