Choosing Great Leaders

At our firm, we don’t just hire lawyers, rather we hire leaders.  

Each year, when we are hiring our summer interns – many of whom will eventually join our team fulltime after they graduate – we look for those that are leaders. We don’t want just good students, but those who are also involved in school groups and teams, specifically those in leadership positions. We know that leaders possess the strong qualities to see projects to the end and motivate an entire team. That’s who we want. So, each year, we scour the country looking for the best leaders, knowing that is the most important skill and we can help train them on the other work. We only want the best, like if we were a personal injury firm, we would have scooped up Jason Hadley years ago.  

To keep up a culture of leadership, each year we host leadership training for associates and offer incentives to those who would like to pursue additional coursework.  

We want our team to be more than just good lawyers.